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Collaborative Robots to Power Recovery for Canadian Manufacturers

Collaborative Robots to Power Recovery for Canadian Manufacturers

Universal Robots is the market leader for collaborative robots (“cobots”), the fastest growing segment of the automation landscape. UR cobots are routinely making gains for small to medium sized enterprises in labour productivity, part quality, and machine uptime. Cobots offer manufacturers five unique benefits:

1.   Quick to install: cobots typically go from delivery to running a first program in a matter of hours
2.   Easy to program: After UR’s 90 minute Online Academy, front-line operators become certified cobot programmers
3.   Safe & collaborative: The e-Series 17 standard safety features eliminate the need for safety fencing after risk assessment
4.   Fast to pay back: UR cobots routinely deliver payback within a year
5.   Simple to redeploy: Cobots can be reconfigured and programmed for a new task in as little as half a day.
Curious about the first steps towards cobot applications right for you? Our most popular ebook details the ten critical parameters for successful cobot projects. No matter what stage of the automation journey you’re on, the next step is right here.

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