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Make life simple for yourself

Make life simple for yourself

How would you define a great experience in a motion control project, like incorporating a new handling system or drive package into a machine or production line? At a minimum, it should be exceedingly simple from design through commissioning with an optimized, error-free outcome in a condensed timeline. Festo addresses this with simplified products and free, user-friendly digital design and commissioning tools. Here are three examples.

1. Simplest of all – Simplified Motion Series

Our Simplified Motion Series (SMS) – seven basic electric axes that mimic pneumatic actuators. These are plug and work solutions, mounted directly in the machine without any need for external servo drives or a control cabinet; all necessary electronic components and modules are built into the actuator. Commissioning is done manually, on the device.

To learn more, watch this video or click here for an overview of each SMS product

2. Engineering Simplicity – Designing handling systems with a few clicks…

With the Handling Guide Online (HGO) plus the companion Festo Motion Control Package, there is no easier, faster way to design, order and set up an application-optimized handling system. The no-obligation design process in HGO takes about 20 minutes. When an order is placed, the unit will be delivered quickly, already assembled and tested. With the motion control package, setup, PLC integration and commissioning is greatly simplified.

Watch the video

3. Simple commissioning for drive packages – Festo Automation Suite

With the PC-based Festo Automation Suite commissioning software, only five easy steps are needed to parameterize and configure a drive package, from mechanical system to controller. Festo’s new compact CMMT-AS and ultra-compact low voltage CMMT-ST servos can be commissioned in just minutes. Expert users can use the CMMT-AS plug-in to make advanced optimizations. The software also offers fast, easy commissioning for CPX-AP-I remote I/O control modules and ELGC electric axes.
For more information or to download Automation Suite, click here

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