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Is your existing HVAC System an Effective Climate Control Unit?
Whether you are on the plant floor or data centre, is your HVAC system functioning efficiently? Consider the common enclosure climate control challenges of contaminants hindering existing ACs, power redundancy interrupting cooling or heating cycles, overheating of equipment leading to equipment failure and so many more. That is why you need to consider Rittal’s ideal solutions for your climate control needs.
Industrial Climate Control Solutions:
Rittal’s Blue e and Blue e+ air conditioners, fans, and other climate control solutions are ideal for keeping temperatures in your enclosures from over-heating and causing damage to precious equipment.
  Save up to 75% energy costs
  IoT connectivity for efficient monitoring
  Easy configuration
  Service warranty on select products
  Free climate audits
Click here for our Industrial Cooling Handbook
Climate Control for Data Centres:
Featuring the LCP DX 20kW, a server rack cooling solution with the features that make it ideal for repurposed spaces.
  A small footprint
  Easy to maintain (tool-less fan replacement; easy access electrical connections)
  Precise climate control (set point temperature is maintained as heat loads vary)
  Ongoing monitoring (remote notification)
  Variable capacity (follow heat load variations from 5 to 20kW)
Click here for our IT Cooling Handbook
For more information, please contact 1 800 399 0748 or marketing@rittal.ca