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Simplify AI deployment to reduce manufacturing costs and errors

Manufacturers navigating through the complexities of artificial intelligence (AI) are left with lots of questions.
  • Will AI help me reduce errors and automate manual tasks?
  • I want to deploy AI, but is it expensive and complicated?
  • Can I deploy AI but keep existing infrastructure and processes?
Download our whitepaper and attend our on-demand webinar series to learn how Pleora’s AI solution for end-to-end quality is helping manufacturers increase profitability and reduce risk.

While some approaches force a propriety “locked-in” solution, and others require a complete infrastructure overhaul, Pleora’s hybrid AI platform allows a gradual evolution to more advanced inspection without disrupting existing processes.

Pleora's hybrid AI platform integrates algorithm development and edge processing to provide brand owners and manufactures with a flexible end-to-end solution for inspection applications. With drag-and-drop algorithm development, non-experts can develop no code machine learning AI and traditional computer vision inspection “plug-ins” in hours instead of days. Plug-ins are then deployed on the AI Gateway edge processing device, which integrates seamlessly with existing system hardware, software, and end-user processes.