Join industry experts from J.S. Foster Corporation and SKEANS Pneumatic & Automation as they discuss their collaborative robot applications with Universal Robots in our FREE webinar at 11 am PT/2 pm ET!

“Cobots” are the fastest growing segment in automation, and considering their lower cost and quicker deployment compared to traditional robots, it’s easy to understand why.

Meet our panel:
  • Bryce Flug, General Manager, J.S. Foster Corporation
  • Chad Skeans, Branch Manager & Technical Outside Sales, SKEANS Pneumatic & Automation
  • Matt White, Applications Specialist, SKEANS Pneumatic & Automation
  • Jim Beretta, President, Customer Attraction on behalf of Universal Robots

You’ll learn:
  • What is collaborative automation and why should manufacturers consider it?
  • How to plan for success in collaborative robots
  • Use cases: Who is doing what with cobots in Canada?
  • The ROI of using cobots to automate repetitive tasks: quality, cost savings and bottom line results.

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