Future of Automation is just a week away! Join us online at the Future of Automation: 2021 Technology Forum on Sept. 29. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear experts discuss the latest developments in the industry.

The Digital Factory
  • Patrick Rowland, Senior Product Manager, Industry Management & Automation, Phoenix Contact
Companies and manufacturers are working together to create the world of digital factories. This allows an open architecture and free flow of information. In this session, Rowland will address problems like security, legacy components and skill shortages.

Reducing Inspection Errors, Costs and Risk with Hybrid AI
  • Jonathan Hou, President, Pleora Technologies
Manufacturers navigating through the complexities of AI are left with a few key questions. How can AI reduce errors and automate manual tasks? Is algorithm training expensive or complicated? Can I augment existing infrastructure and processes? This session will discuss hybrid AI – an evolutionary approach that merges the best of computer vision and machine learning to address these concerns and allows manufacturers to deploy advanced end-to-end quality inspection.

Fireside Chat: Digital Revolution in Pandemic Times
  • Asghar Rizvi, Vice-President, Factory Automation and Motion Control, Siemens Digital Industries, Canada

For the first time in modern manufacturing history, demand, supply and workforce availability have been affected globally at the exact same time. During this session, Rizvi will provide insight on the COVID pandemic’s impact on the digital transformation, identify the current and future trends and provide guidance on how organizations can start their digitalization journey.

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