Humans are well-suited for inspection tasks, but when we get tired or distracted AI is a powerful tool to help alert us on issues and guide decisions. Automating manual processes improves end-to-end product quality, speeds inspection rates, and provides more qualitative evaluation to ensure manufacturing processes are repeatable and traceable.

Pleora’s Visual Inspection System automates manual tasks at different points in the manufacturing process, including work-in-progress and finished product, with an intuitive display that guides operators. To speed deployment, the system includes inspection plug-ins that are easily trained on your unique data.
  • Image Compare makes errors obvious to human operators, with flash mode instantly identifying differences and assisted review highlighting potential deviations that require further inspection.
  • Image Save records and saves images of every product that goes out the door for traceability systems, including inventory and shipment management and batch tracking.

The standalone solution works in parallel with existing inspection systems, meaning manufacturers can deploy advanced capabilities without disrupting existing processes or workflows.

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