Join Manufacturing AUTOMATION and representatives from the Grants Office on Dec. 7 at 1 p.m. ET to learn about funding available to manufacturers across Canada.

What you will learn
Ashley Schultz, Global Manager of Research and Consultation for Grants Office LLC., will discuss large trends in grants available for your technology purchases, including an overview of financial support anticipated for 2022. Get useful tips from industry leaders on how to ensure your company is ready to submit a competitive proposal that will stand out amongst the rest.

On-demand breakout sessions
Don’t miss the four on-demand breakout sessions that will follow the live presentation! Featuring Stephanie Cesar and Joseph Phelan from the Grants Office, each of these sessions is tailored to a specific interest area:
  1. Grants for automotive manufacturers
  2. Grants for industrial equipment and fabrication manufacturers
  3. Grants for process manufacturers
  4. Grants for partnerships in innovation – covering programs that support research and development through collaboration with universities or research institutions.