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EMC Solutions for high frequency interference

Frequency converters, switching power supplies, and lighting system drivers are often sources of interference in power grids. Non mitigated interference can propagate and amplify via the supply and control lines. This can have unpredictable effects on controllers, power supplies, sensors, and actuators. The new line of filters limit the interference directly in front of the potentially susceptible equipment or the sensitive end devices.

Your advantages
  • SFP2: Effective protection against high-frequency interferences and transient overvoltages, ensured by surge protection circuits acting on the input and output side of the filter
  • FIL: Improved filter effect and EMC-optimized installation with additional PE terminals for separate connection to the local equipotential bonding system
  • Class1 Div2 approved for hazardous applications
  • User-friendly handling with easy assembly and installation, either with Push-in or screw connection technology
  • Space-saving and cost-effective thanks to DIN rail mounting
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