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Special Pricing

Special Pricing

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Balluff The Micropulse® Advantage

Balluff Micropulse linear position sensors have achieved a worldwide reputation for accuracy, stability, and rock-solid reliability. This doesn’t happen by chance. Micropulse sensors are designed from the ground up to exceed expectations in demanding industrial environments.

• Non-contact magnetostrictive technology
• Wear-free operation
• High accuracy and repeatability
• Rugged construction
• Measuring lengths from 1” to 300”

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Dynamics NAV for Manufacturing –
Call NOW To Claim Your FREE ticket to Microsoft

Join Sabre Limited at Microsoft Canada for an overview of three modern production and job scheduling add-on tools for manufacturers. Learn the differences between these products, each set at a different price point with different features.

Sabre is an expert in software for production environments and works with companies in many types of discreet manufacturing every day; repetitive, automotive, engineer to order, job shop and configure to order just to name a few.

For More information: or to find out about free passes contact or call 519-585-7524 x45
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Make a Change for the Better with Rittal

Rittal embraces the engineer’s drive to make everything around them work better in their new Fact Book: a side by side spec comparison that shows how Rittal is engineered better.
Organized by application and product, the easy-to-use guide provides you with the data you need to draw your own conclusions and make a change for the better. >> Learn more...


PGN-Plus P

With the PGN-Plus-P, permanent lubrication is provided through continuous lubrication pockets in the guidance. For short strokes in particular, the principle of minimum quantity lubrication ensures quick and even distribution of the lubricant making the gripper nearly maintenance-free and considerably extends its service life. >> Apply Now!

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