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Moxa - Get Connected to IIoT

While the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), with its wave of innovation, ushers in immense opportunities for businesses, it also opens the door to new threats. Therefore, the underlying network infrastructure must overcome a growing number of challenges to sustain truly reliable connectivity. Only reliable networks can support new industrial applications as they expand to include new systems and devices.

To turn challenges into opportunities, Moxa’s solutions reinforce cybersecurity, interoperability, and the management of industrial network infrastructure (INI) to bring more legacy and disparate networks into one industry-grade Ethernet backbone. Furthermore, these solutions raise the security level of an entire network’s communication to help customers drive nonstop productivity and cost reduction.

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Safety gate system PSENsgate

The safety gate system PSENsgate combines secure safety gate monitoring, safe guard locking and control elements in just one system! Our products are designed for up to the highest category PL e.

Benefit from the high flexibility of the safety gate system! A variety of system types are available with optional operator elements that can be integrated, such as pushbuttons, key switches, illuminated pushbuttons and section stop. Functions such as E-STOP and escape release are also made possible.

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation
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HD Solutions for Food & Beverage: It’s on us if you qualify!

In harsh environments, traditional enclosures may fail to provide required levels of protection, so Rittal’s HD solutions are specially built to handle the unique hygiene challenges of the Food & Beverage industry:

  • 30o forward sloping roof repels water, bacteria, objects
  • Stainless steel parts & accessories for easy, reliable cleaning
  • Joint-free exterior blue gasket is easy to see, clean, replace

    *Contact us today to discuss how our HD solutions can work for you! Qualified sites receive a no-obligation HD demo enclosure worth over $800 for testing!

    Click here for more information on how businesses can reduce costs and improve efficiency with Rittal’s Climate Control solutions or email for more information!
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  • Schunk

    ELP Electric Linear Module

    The SCHUNK ELP is the easiest-to-adjust linear module on the market. This is the new technological benchmark in modular assembly. Control via digital I/O or by fieldbus distributor allows for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems. 10 independent extension and retraction speeds enable high flexibility in cycle times. The linear direct drive allows for almost wear-free use, low operating costs, and long service life. >> Learn more


    Can you afford to miss out?

    ERP will be among the biggest projects your company will undertake in the next 15 years. The first steps include selecting the right vendor and preparing your business for implementation. If you miss the mark on either, you expose your project to major ERP failure risks and the potential waste of hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of dollars. Don't miss this unique event to learn the tools you need to lead a successful ERP project from start-to-finish. >> Save your seat!


    MANUFACTURING AUTOMATION presents the Connected Manufacturing Technology Handbook

    Check out MA’s Connected Manufacturing Technology Handbook to learn more about the latest products, technologies and solutions shaping the market. The next Technology Handbook will focus on Robotics (ad deadline: October 13). To advertise, please contact Klaus Pirker at (416) 510-6757, >> Learn more...

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