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Special Pricing for Remote Monitoring products

We are excited to announce a Moxa Remote Monitoring Limited Time Promotion. Moxa is one of the top brands that provides connectivity for industrial operations. Moxa's products help collect data from field devices and transmit that data reliability and securely to control and monitoring centers.

Manufacturers Automation's promotion for Moxa's Remote Monitoring applications and solutions runs for a limited time until February 28, 2018

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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Balluff More Efficiency, Lower Costs

IO-Link saves time and money in overall production.

IO-Link is all you need to make automation even more high-performance. This is because IO-Link provides substantial optimization and cost reduction potential for the overall production. The uniform, simple wiring, continuous diagnostics, and central configuration via the controller consequently provide an all encompassing effect. And they do this in entirely different ways.

Using the intelligent communications standard, sensors can be connected to machines, packaging systems or change tools quickly and reliably. In addition, new automation concepts are possible.

For more information contact:
Manufacturers Automation or call 1-800-387-6268.
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ELP Electric Linear Module

The SCHUNK ELP is the easiest-to-adjust linear module on the market. This is the new technological benchmark in modular assembly. Control via digital I/O or by fieldbus distributor allows for easy commissioning and rapid integration into existing systems. 10 independent extension and retraction speeds enable high flexibility in cycle times. The linear direct drive allows for almost wear-free use, low operating costs, and long service life. >> Learn more

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