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automationmag.comAugust 12, 2021

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Simplify AI for Inspection

Improve quality and automate or add decision-support for manual tasks with an evolutionary hybrid AI approach that lets manufacturers retain existing infrastructure and processes while adding advanced inspection. With a drag-and-drop algorithm development platform, non-experts can design AI plug-in skills that are seamlessly deployed on edge processing that integrates with existing equipment and end-user processes. Pleora’s AI Gateway is now deployed in parts manufacturing, consumer goods, food & beverage, and print & packaging systems. » Learn more


Control of Work Checklist for Manufacturing

Control of work is an integral part of managing work activities at manufacturing facilities that have inherently higher risks. While the need to protect the workers involved in those activities is paramount, there is a need to ensure work efficiencies that improve interactions between operational divisions and keep production timelines on schedule.

This checklist can help ensure that work practices engaged to manage risk and protect workers are documented and followed. » Learn more

Parker Hannfin

PCH Portal: Connecting All The Pieces

Get ready to:
  1. Simplify I/O on the network and reduce the overall connection cost of your equipment.
  2. Support prognostic maintenance work with protection on reverse polarity, under voltage, short circuit warnings, limit errors… and much more!
  3. Improve visualization of process data through embedded webpage for remote diagnostics and/or via web server for remote maintenance.
  4. Integrate and configure with tools in embedded software.
Learn more at: https://discover.parker.com/pch-portal

Contact: pcdmktg@parker.com » Learn more

Universal Robot promo

WEBINAR: Cobots in Canada
August 25, 11 am PT/2 pm ET

Join us for this cross-Canada webinar series where we will showcase use cases, distributors, integrators and end users of collaborative robots. “Cobots” are the fastest growing segment in automation, and considering their lower cost and quicker deployment compared to traditional robots, it’s easy to understand why. Our first webinar is tailored to audiences in Western Canada, but everyone is welcome to attend.

» Register now!

MA FOA event

Register now for the Future of Automation: 2021 Technology Forum!

Join us online September 29 at 1 pm ET to hear industry thought leaders in live panel discussions and presentations as they share information and solutions to help reduce costs, boost profits and secure market position with technologies that increase production efficiency, optimize throughput and maximize workforce potential. Registration is FREE, so don’t miss this opportunity to hear from industry experts and thought leaders on the technologies your business needs to stay competitive. » Learn more

Questions about our MA Connects, e-mail: kswan@annexbusinessmedia.com