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What is Industry 4.0, anyway?

Even now, there are questions about Industry 4.0 and whether there is value for manufacturers to invest in advanced solutions.

How the connected factory delivers real business benefits

Mobile manufacturing networks are key to driving higher margins, reduced cycle times and improved equipment productivity.

Getting smart: How smart manufacturing is changing the way we do business

The pandemic has exposed operational shortcomings for companies that have not yet digitalized. Here, we define smart manufacturing for advanced utilization.

Applying smart automation: Canadian use cases

Connected sensors combined with AI are providing exciting new ways for humans and machines to interact in the pursuit of operational excellence.

Smart Manufacturing Decreases Downtime, Ensures Quality

Gaining data from your machines allows you to monitor sensor, machine and system performance. Better data and analytics provide insights into your machines and processes. This lets you identify impending failures before they happen for increased machine uptime and ensured product quality.

Balluff solutions enable optimal modern production processes. Let us help you implement intelligent production and lay the foundation for your factory of the future.

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Technology adoption has to start at the top

Manufacturing CEOs are usually well intended when adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, but they are not comfortable with the whole technology conversation. » Read full article

PODCAST: How to connect your plant’s most valuable asset

MA explores how the “connected worker” can improve communication between people and machines, and serve as one of the solutions to the skills shortage. » Read full article

Time-Sensitive Networking: It’s time for factories to become a whole lot smarter

Advanced network topologies built on Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) will create fast cycle times and, in turn, smart factories. » Read full article

VIDEO: Creating a smart factory

In a recent roundtable on industrial control systems (ICS), experts discuss how the ICS can help to facilitate smart operations. » Read full article

SPS 2020

Date: Nov. 24-26, 2020
Location: Online
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Virtual Engineering Week

Date: Nov. 30-Dec. 4, 2020
Location: Online
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