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New York farms awarded aid for manure storage

Three Cayuga County farms have been awarded over $1.1M to upgrade their manure storage, assistance greatly needed at a time when farms are dealing with new regulations and falling milk prices.

How do products used to control parasites impact dung beetles?

The same products that get rid of internal parasites in livestock may adversely impact the dung beetles that help break down dung, according to South Dakota State University assistant professor Lora Perkins.

U.S. senators tout compromise on manure reports

A U.S. Senate committee took testimony on a bill that supporters say offers a bipartisan compromise on reporting manure emissions.
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Alliance Tire

World’s First VF Flotation Tire:
Light Footprint On The Soil, Big Impact On The Industry

The new, all-steel Alliance Agriflex+ 389 flotation radial is the world’s first VF (very high flexion) flotation tire, purpose-built for manure handlers:
   • 30% less pressure means less soil compaction
   • 25% larger footprint

Then there’s the tread—stable on the road, sure-footed in the field, with non-directional bars for traction and a dense center rib for long life. So you’ll haul more and compact less.
Click here for more on how soil compaction impacts crop yields.
Featured News 
Featured News

Dry weather and feedlot runoff

You might wonder what dry weather and feedlot runoff would have in common. On the one hand, a spell of dry weather can cause expanding areas of moderate drought and dry soils. But dry conditions also make for an excellent time to maintain your feedlot runoff control system. Extended dry periods create the perfect opportunity to remove settled solids from your basin or other areas where manure solids collect. » Read more...

Vaughan's Turbo-S Mixer Will Help Your Farm Run Smoother

The Vaughan Turbo-S Mixer is a propeller mixer mounted vertically inside an 18" elbow with the ability to create better mixing by directing flow. This mixer has replaced many of the competitors' open propeller mixers that experience failed motors and gearboxes. The Turbo-S Mixer can mix a pit with only one foot of liquid above the floor, something other mixers cannot do.  It has an optional add-on turntable that can allow it to be easily re-aimed in the pit.
Visit for more details on this and other pump solutions.

Manure Happens: A public education campaign

With the spring planting season drawing near, the Maryland Department of Agriculture has launched its 2018 Manure Happens public education campaign to help citizens understand how and why farmers recycle manure as a natural crop fertilizer and soil conditioner. » Read more...

Camso unveils new smart track technology in North America

Camso, formerly Camoplast Solideal, unveils its new proprietary smart track technology for the first time in North America. » Read more...

Manure to heat your home

Farm manure could be a viable source of renewable energy to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. » Read more...

2018 World Pork Expo

June 6-8
Location: Des Moines, Iowa
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Anaerobic Digester Operator Training

June 19-21
Location: Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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2018 North American Manure Expo

August 15-16
Location: Brookings, South Dakota
» Learn more