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Maximize your Manure

New poultry nutrient management initiative

The North Georgia Poultry Energy Efficiency and Nutrient Management Planning Initiative for fiscal year 2019 is under way.

Impact of changing feedlot pen surfaces

Research is underway in southern Alberta to assess how housing feedlot cattle in roller compacted concrete floor pens compares to traditional clay floor pens.

Farmers see potential in shallow manure injection

This spring, a Bridport, Vermont, farm hosted a field trial for a promising method — injecting liquid manure into grassland to reduce runoff risk of dissolved P.
Sponsored Spotlight 

Vaughan's Turbo-S Mixer Will Help Your Farm Run Smoother

The Vaughan Turbo-S Mixer is a propeller mixer mounted vertically inside an 18" elbow with the ability to create better mixing by directing flow. This mixer has replaced many of the competitors' open propeller mixers that experience failed motors and gearboxes. The Turbo-S Mixer can mix a pit with only one foot of liquid above the floor, something other mixers cannot do. It has an optional add-on turntable that can allow it to be easily re-aimed in the pit.
Visit for more details on this and other pump solutions.
Featured News 

Wisconsin dairy embraces composting to reduce odours

Urban encroachment on traditional farmland is becoming a big problem. Farmers contend they should be allowed to conduct business as usual because they were first in the neighborhood while nearby homeowners complain that farm odors are wafting into their family barbecues and must stop. In worst case scenarios, it has even escalated into litigation between farmers and their neighbors. » Read more...

Tell us how we’re doing

Manure Manager is currently conducting an online survey and we're hoping you can find some time during your busy schedules to take part. Whether you're a dairy, beef, hog or poultry producer; a custom manure applicator, an academic or an industry support person, we want and value your feedback. The information you provide will remain confidential, secure and will help provide a snapshot of the state-of-the-industry. » Learn more

2018 North American Manure Expo

August 15-16
Location: Brookings, South Dakota
» Learn More

Canada's Outdoor Farm Show

September 11 - 13
Location: Woodstock, Ontario
» Learn More

Farm Science Review 2018

September 18 – 20
Location: London, Ohio
» Learn more

U.S. Poultry & Egg Environmental Management Seminar

September 20 – 21
Location: Destin, Florida
» Learn more