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February 6, 2019

Efforts ongoing to enforce new manure spreading restrictions

The state Department of Natural Resources is working with counties and farms in eastern Wisconsin to enforce new restrictions on manure spreading that took effect last year.

Livestock producers receive tax relief

The Government of Canada recently released the final list of designated regions where livestock tax deferral has been authorized for 2018 due to drought conditions.

Manure application in less than ideal conditions

Weather impacts both manure application and loss of nutrients on crop utilization.
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Pumps Designed for Manure Handling

Handling manure is a messy business, even more so when a pump can’t handle the solids that are fed into it. Standard manure pumps may be able to handle manure alone, but adding in the variables of animal bedding, twine and foreign solids often overwhelm these pumps. Conversely, Vaughan Chopper Pumps are designed for the dairy industry to handle manure and foreign solids. These cast steel-built pumps are ideal for multiple waste applications and provide non-clog solids handling for the life of the pump. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Chopper Pump can manage your manure and waste. >> Learn More
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Manure Slipping through (soil) cracks

The flow of water through soil is a “highly dynamic process,” says Genevieve Ali, associate professor and researcher at the University of Manitoba. “It can vary from year-to-year, season-to-season, or even rainstorm-to-rainstorm.” It can also fluctuate depending on soil type and even if organic additions, like manure, are applied. Ali is lead author of a new study that shows water infiltrates deeper into cracking clay (vertisolic soils) when liquid hog manure is applied. » Read more...
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Preventing phosphorus buildup in soils from turkey manure

Turkey manure is a great source of nutrients for crops. Farmers understand that turkey waste is not waste at all, but a valuable (though smelly) resource. As a nitrogen and phosphorus source, it outpaces nearly every other livestock type. And aside from nutrients, it adds organic matter to the soil which, over time, improves water holding capacity and infiltration. You might say it’s some good … “stuff”. » Read more...

World Ag Expo

February 12 – 14
Location: Tulare, California
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National Farm Machinery Show

February 13 – 16
Location: Louisville, Kentucky
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Western Farm Show

February 22 – 24
Location: Kansas City, Missouri
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