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April 3, 2019
Waste to Worth

Sponsor pulls bill that would change how farms get permits

A bill that would change how concentrated animal feeding operations are permitted in Arkansas was pulled by its House sponsor and moved to interim study this week.

Devising an effective sampling program for dairy manure

It is important to have an understanding of the nutrient concentrations contained in the manure when planning for land application.

Video: All about manure with Jeff Schoenau

Jeff Schoenau discusses the benefits of manure over fertilizer, the differences between liquid and solid manure, and provides some take-home messages for farmers and agronomists when it comes to using manure.
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Make your Dairy Extraordinary

The first chopper pump was made for the dairy industry in 1960 and since then, Vaughan Chopper Pumps have handled manure, animal bedding, twine and anything the dairy fields have thrown at them. These cast steel-built pumps are ideal for multiple waste applications and provide non-clog solids handling for barn flush pits, lagoons, digester mixing, scraped manure, small-pit recirculation and anywhere that high reliability and low maintenance pumps are needed. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Chopper Pump can manage your manure and waste. » Learn more
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Succession plan

Ag Succession Planning Survey

Manure Manager magazine is joining with Annex Business Media's other agriculture publications to conduct a survey to gain a better understanding of the future of Canadian farming. Is your farming career just beginning, or coming to an end? What are your plans for the future of the farm? What resources do you need to make better decisions in terms of your farming future? » Learn more...
Composting or stockpiling

Composting or stockpiling – What’s the difference?

The important points to stockpiling are that this is a passive management system, once the manure is stacked it is left alone and not disturbed, and, as a result the pile will become anaerobic. It is only passive in the fact that we, the farmer or manager, won’t perform regular activities to alter the pile, but within the pile microbial activity will still be occurring. Despite this, stockpiling is essentially a storage technique. » Read more...

North American Manure Expo

July 31 – Aug. 1
Location: Fair Oaks, Indiana
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Canadian Dairy Expo

April 3 – 4
Location: Stratford, Ont.
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Oklahoma City Farm Show

April 4 – 6
Location: Oklahoma City
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Waste to Worth 2019

April 22 – 26
Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota
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