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June 12, 2019

Reduction and fate of manure pathogens and antimicrobial resistance

Unlike pathogenic bacteria, antimicrobial resistant bacteria can persist throughout various manure treatments and land application events.

Bazooka Farmstar launches new manure industry event

Bazooka Farmstar, a manufacturer in the manure and ag industry for 44 years, has officially announced the first Let’s Talk Sh*t event.

Ontario farmers can now access an electronic process to update EFPs

The governments of Canada and Ontario are giving farmers in the province a quicker and easier way to renew their Environmental Farm Plans (EFPs).
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Reliable Digester Mixing

Don't get caught with thick scum blankets in your anaerobic digester. The Rotamix® System, together with a Vaughan Chopper Pump, is your solution for an efficient, effective digester sludge mixing system to replace gas, draft tube, submersible prop, or other pump mixing systems. Rotamix® sets the standard for hydraulic mixing, providing lower operating and maintenance costs, more efficient breakdown of solids and unmatched reliability. The Rotamix® system is designed for digester mixing or other process or suspension-type mixing applications. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Rotamix® can help manage your manure and waste. » Learn more
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Manure Expo educational offerings

Check out the educational offerings coming to NAME 2019

Are you searching for the latest research and information related to manure? Then, the North American Manure Expo (NAME) is a can’t miss event. The 2019 North American Manure Expo is coming to Fair Oaks, Indiana on July 31 and Aug. 1. On Thursday, Aug. 1, the North American Manure Expo will welcome industry experts from across the country to discuss the latest in manure management and application. » Learn more...
Variable rate manure

Improving success of variable rate manure

Many research studies show that variable rate manure application works, and that it’s economical; but there are also imperfections that make it complex. Luckily, in addition to the constant improvements of precision manure applicator technology, there are some practical methods that can increase the success of variable rate manure applications. Precision application of manure is tricky because manure, itself, is not precise. » Read more...

North American Manure Expo

July 31 – Aug. 1
Location: Fair Oaks, Indiana
» Learn more

Ontario Pork Congress

June 18 – 19
Location: Stratford, Ont.
» Learn more

Poultry Health Day

June 25
Location: Stratford, Ont.
» Learn More