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August 14, 2019

Washington health board mulls own manure rule

A proposal being circulated by the Washington State Board of Health plans to rewrite an old manure storage regulation. The rule would add to manure-control regulations already set by the state Departments of Agriculture and Ecology.

American Biogas Council hails new biogas tax credit

The American Biogas Council hails a new bill that will allow qualifying biogas and nutrient recovery systems to receive a 30 percent investment tax credit.

Smithfield completes first renewable natural gas line in Missouri

As part of its manure-to-energy project, Smithfield Foods Inc. has connected a low-pressure natural gas transmission line from a company hog farm to the natural gas pipeline in Milan, MO.

Pumps Designed for Manure Handling

Handling manure is a messy business, even more so when a pump can’t handle the solids that are fed into it. Standard manure pumps may be able to handle manure alone, but adding in the variables of animal bedding, twine and foreign solids often overwhelm these pumps. Conversely, Vaughan Chopper Pumps are designed for the dairy industry to handle manure and foreign solids. These cast steel-built pumps are ideal for multiple waste applications and provide non-clog solids handling for the life of the pump. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Chopper Pump can manage your manure and waste. >> Learn more
Featured articles 
Transport Genie

The risk of manure

A new technology is being used in Canada to improve cleaning of livestock transport trucks and aid the reduction of biosecurity risks. The technology, named Transport Genie, consists of sensors placed in the trailer that continually relate data on the trailer environment, such as humidity and temperature, to the driver of the transport truck. The real-time data can ensure a high level of animal welfare and gather data on proper disinfection. » Read more...
Compost pile

Troubleshooting your compost pile

Proper composting is an art, and it takes the right combination of many components to work efficiently. When these components are unbalanced, it can hinder the whole process. However, when a compost pile doesn’t break down correctly, it’s not always immediately apparent which factor is lacking or in over-abundance. This article covers some common compost problems, their symptoms, and how to remedy them. » Read more...

World Dairy Summit

Sept. 23-26
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
» Learn more