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August 28, 2019

Bioenergy DevCo announces $106M investment to grow anaerobic digestion

Bioenergy DevCo, a developer of anaerobic digestion facilities, received $106 million from a private equity firm to expand anaerobic digestion technology use in North America.

Investors recognizing the waste-to-energy opportunity

U.S. investors are beginning to smell an opportunity in the waste-to-energy market. Interest is being fueled by new state laws and by demand from companies such as UPS Inc.

Alliance Tire announces rebate program on IF and VF farm tires

Farmers can receive rebates of up to $125 per tire on purchases of two to 16 qualifying increased flexion or very high flexion tires, under an autumn rebate program.

Oxbo-4103 series and Compost Loader Prototype for Review

Oxbo 4103 three-wheel, high flotation spreader. Features a three-wheel, high flotation, ultimate steering experience, a tight turning radius and the most maneuverable design available. The chassis is constructed of high quality, bent steel with components bolted on for more durability. The 4103 can be equipped with both dry and liquid systems and used for fertilizer or manure.

Compost Loader is a test product ready for production.

Join us for the New Product Showcase Webinar on October 9 @ 2pm (EST)
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Reducing compost time

Reducing compost conversion time

Connecticut dairy and compost producer Collins Powder Hill Farm is using a compost aeration and heat recovery (CAHR) technology that really sucks – but in a good way. The technology allows atmospheric air and hot vapor to be sucked through compost piles, allowing for the production of quality compost in three to six months versus two years. » Read more...
Destroying residues

Destroying antibiotic residues in manure

Antibiotic use in livestock farming has been restricted to only the treatment or direct prevention of disease. However, those uses still add up to a large amount of drug residues ending up in manure, along with bacteria that have become resistant to some antibiotics. Scientists found that destruction of antibiotic residues and antibiotic-resistance genes in manure is much higher when manure is composted. » Read more...

MABEX 2019

Sept. 17-18
Location: Baltimore, MD
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World Dairy Summit

Sept. 23-26
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
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Digestor Operator Training

Oct. 1-3
Location: North Andover, MA
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