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September 11, 2019

Governments step in to strengthen biosecurity in Ontario’s agri-food sector

Canadian governments are funding biosecurity projects across the province, such as the installation of improved equipment to power-wash vehicles and the construction of additional laneways to clearly define restricted access zones.

Drones on the farm: Using facial recognition to keep cows healthy

Drones or unmanned air vehicles (UAVs) can be used to monitor cattle health. The goal of the system is to identify each cow, locate it in a pasture and measure vital health information like weight, size, facial features and physical activity.

Bion’s readily available nitrogen fertilizer passes key hurdle

Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc., a developer of advanced livestock waste treatment technology that recovers high-value co-products from the waste, received support for approving ammonium bicarbonate as a fertilizer.

Make your Dairy Extraordinary

The first chopper pump was made for the dairy industry in 1960 and since then, Vaughan Chopper Pumps have handled manure, animal bedding, twine and anything the dairy fields have thrown at them. These cast steel-built pumps are ideal for multiple waste applications and provide non-clog solids handling for barn flush pits, lagoons, digester mixing, scraped manure, small-pit recirculation and anywhere that high reliability and low maintenance pumps are needed. Contact Vaughan Company to learn how a Chopper Pump can manage your manure and waste. » Learn more
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Innovative technology

Implementing innovative technology

A new system that has the potential to revolutionize the benefits of manure is currently on trial in two European countries. The new concept, developed by Norwegian company N2 Applied, involves passing manure or digestate through a plasma reactor to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer. In addition to increasing nitrogen content, the system reduces ammonia losses and odor. » Read more...
Anaerobic digestion surges

Interest for anaerobic digestion surges

Several investments have been made by industry players to boost the prevalence of anaerobic digestion in North America. Dana Kirk, who manages the Anaerobic Digester Research and Education Center at Michigan State University, remarked that “2019 is probably the biggest year in the history of digestion as far as I can remember.” » Read more...

MABEX 2019

Sept. 17-18
Location: Baltimore, MD
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World Dairy Summit

Sept. 23-26
Location: Istanbul, Turkey
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Digestor Operator Training

Oct. 1-3
Location: North Andover, MA
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