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December 18, 2019
Top Stories of 2019 
Talent Canada

Considering windrow composting

Nutrient runoff is always a hot topic, but especially recently as concern for the environment grows. A Wisconsin study looked at improving water quality through windrow composting.

Transforming litter to clean energy

Güres Group, based in Turkey, uses Turboden’s Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine to transform 500-tons of poultry litter a day into clean energy. The ORC system is used in place of water and transforms the input heat into electrical power.

How much is that manure worth?

The University of Minnesota developed an online manure value calculator in 2019 that helps determine values, based on the type of manure you have available and its nutrient content.

Not all poultry litter is the same

Moisture and nutrient content varies whether it’s coming from hens, boilers, pullets, or turkeys. This profile of Pierce Litter, a custom nutrient management contractor, shows how honesty about nutrient content is the foundation for a good business.

Finding success with an on-farm digester

It’s no surprise that a digester story made the list. Interest for anaerobic digestion has been surging as more operations look for ways to reduce odor and better manage manure.
Sponsored Spotlight 

Irrigation TPU layflat hose for slurry and manure transfer

As a star product ZYfire’s TPU layflat hose is designed especially for drag systems and used for slurry and manure transfer. ZYfire’s through-the-weave manufacturing technology, with extreme tensile stress and excellent abrasion properties, inner and outer covered with smooth TPU is reinforced with high tenacity filament polyester yarn. With great enhanced abrasion resistance, high diameter and extension stability, lower kink radius, high puncture resistance it is the draghose of choice in North and South America, European Union, Middle East and most of Asia. Any further inquiry, please contact
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Editor's Pick 
Corn Manure

Seeding cover crops and injecting hog manure in one pass

A machine, designed by Pennsylvanian hog farmers, can simultaneously side-dress corn with liquid hog manure, while planting a cover crop. Read about how the idea came to be and the results so far for corn yields and the environment. » Read more...
mini Digest

Mini digesters: Small profile, big future

After seeing success in Europe, mini digesters are entering the North American market with great potential. A mini digester is not so much a project but a product, costing a fraction of a full-sized digester. Mini digesters are sized at 10 to 50 kilowatts and are designed to be able to run on farm waste alone. » Read more...
Manure Tech

Using manure to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer

A new system that has the potential to revolutionize the benefits of manure is currently on trial in two European countries. The new concept, developed by Norwegian company N2 Applied, involves passing manure or digestate through a plasma reactor to produce liquid nitrogen fertilizer. » Read more...

Banff Pork Seminar

Jan. 7-9
Location: Banff, AB
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Dakota Farm Show

Jan. 7-9
Location: Vermillion, SD
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Value of Biogas West Conference

Jan. 14-15
Location: Vancouver, BC
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