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Consumer behaviour continues to change dairy supply chains

The shifts in food consumption caused by COVID-19 will last for the next 12-18 months at least, requiring dairy supply chains to adapt to meet home-bound consumer demand.

Solving surplus manure with a look to the past

U.S. Agricultural Research Services (ARS) scientists are looking into the use of “manure-sheds” as a way to use extra manure from livestock operations on crop farms.

Canadian Animal Health Institute presents leadership awards

The Canadian Animal Health Institute recognized retired CAHI president, Jean Szkotnicki, and Toni Bothwell, chair of CAHI’s Drug Committee (among other roles), for leadership in the Canadian animal health industry.
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Compost Spreaders With More Horsepower When It Matters

More profit for less time in the field is possible with New Leader’s compost spreader. Built for durability and versatility, it gives operators the power to cover more ground faster, while maintaining an accurate spread pattern. At 5-ton rates, maximize your time in the field by spreading over 550 acres per day at 55’ spread widths while driving 16 mph. Only with New Leader. Learn More
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Strategic spreading

Researchers are testing the limits of precision agriculture, including precision manure management research conducted by a team including Jeff Schoenau of the University of Saskatchewan. This project, taking place at the university’s Livestock and Forage Center of Excellence, is examining the impact of precision manure applications on a variety of environmental factors. » Read more...
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Manure Minute: Set in stone

Unlike commercial fertilizers, manure’s nutrient ratios are fixed. This can make it challenging to apply manure at a rate that meets nutrient needs without over- or under-applying other nutrients. Do you apply for phosphorus or nitrogen? Will surplus nutrients stay in the soil or become runoff pollution? With a little forethought and planning, manure’s fixed nutrients can be managed. » Read more...
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Waste Water Treatment
Turning waste water into high quality Bedding!

Dry matter content up to 38% in solids when separating cattle slurry
Economical production of high-quality bedding from the manure solids already on the farm.
Easy to maintain
Housing made of cast iron
Long life of the auger due to hard metal coating
Press screw and screen basket make of stainless steel
Low energy consumption
Gearbox with NEMA flange allows convenient and cost-effective sourcing of US motors up to 15 HP

Bauer North America, +800-922-8375
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Boosting the bottom line

As farming becomes more expensive, there’s more pressure on producers to increase efficiencies and get the most out their ag investments. Both shifting weather patterns and changing government regulations can result in shorter application windows, so choosing a high-performance compost/litter spreader can help farmers and custom applicators maximize productivity and profitability.  » Read more