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Transportation Safety Board investigates vehicle fire at Montreal Trudeau airport

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating after a service vehicle caught fire under an Air Canada plane at the Montreal-Trudeau International Airport.

Impasse at strikebound B.C. ports not broken by Saturday's round of negotiations

Striking British Columbia dock workers and their employer held a round of bargaining over the weekend, the first since negotiations collapsed one week ago, but neither side is saying when, or if, more talks are planned.

Bombardier patrol planes would sport price tag 'competitive' with Boeing bid

The patrol planes Bombardier Inc. hopes could replace aging Canadian military aircraft will have a price "competitive'' with that of jets from rival Boeing Inc., the Montreal-based company says.

Ontario to seek new wind, solar power to help ease coming electricity supply crunch

Ontario is working toward filling all of the province's quickly growing electricity needs with emissions-free sources, including a plan to secure new renewable generation, but isn't quite ready to commit to a moratorium on natural gas.

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What is a hot bearing?

Recently, a customer said that their bearing was running hot, at about 80C. Although this seems high, it is not excessively hot. We discussed some of the conditions such as speed, lubricant type, and load, and bearing type. » Read article

Dawn of the F&B digital transformation

Advanced manufacturing and the digital transformation is here, and companies in the food and beverage sector are at the forefront. » Read article

Take control: Play it safe with the help of enclosures

How an enclosure manufacturer integrates safety, efficiency, and automation protocols. » Read More...

PODCAST: Current state of CMMS: 2023 and beyond

In this episode, we look at the current state of CMMS, benefits of CMMS, reasons cited for note using CMMS, how CMMS can help the bottom line, case studies, the pandemics effect on CMMS, and more. » Read article

Self-calibrating thermometers

Endress+Hauser generation 2.0 iTHERM TrustSens TM371/TH372, self-calibrating RTD thermometer for hygienic operations. » Read More...


Stainless-steel worm gearboxes

IronHorse stainless steel worm gearboxes are power transmission devices that drive a load at a fixed reduced ratio of a motor’s speed. » Read More...


Max Uptime V2 - August 29

Join us on August 29 as we discuss with a panel of experts how to leverage the availability of key production assets in order to meet quotas and maintain profit margins. » Read More...