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Spirit Airlines cancels dozens of flights to inspect some of its planes. Disruptions will last days

Spirit Airlines cancelled about 100 flights on Friday after pulling some planes out of service for inspections, and the airline expects the disruptions to last several days.

Business groups call on Ottawa to intervene as St. Lawrence Seaway strike begins

Business groups urged the federal government to intervene to void a lengthy labour dispute at the St. Lawrence Seaway amid concerns that a strike that began early Sunday could have a profound affect on their members.

Caledon updates bylaw that governs maintenance of heritage properties

Council wants to see Caledon's heritage buildings protected. At Caledon Council's October 10 General Committee meeting, an amendment to Caledon's Property Standards Bylaw was passed and recommended for adoption at Council's October 24 meeting.

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Considerations in the selection and maintenance of oil seals

Simply, a seal is a device or method that prevents or reduces the passage of a fluid between two surfaces. » Read article

OPINION: How green are your maintenance operations?

[caption id="attachment_1004046091" align="aligncenter" width="550"] Photo: m-gucci / iStock / Getty Images[/caption] Climate change. Global warming. Sustainability. Environmentally friendly. Greener. The list of words that speak to the same idea are endless. However, they all come down to one thing, making sure that whatever companies do, it is not damaging the environment for the future. The idea of being environmentally friendly is not new. You can go back to reducing the use of electricity (by turning off lights, using lower wattage bulbs), or even recycling as much waste as possible. The difference now is that the simple idea has morphed into ... » Read article

Principles of planning and scheduling

A Texas water utility commissioned a ranking of opportunities to improve their utility. Planning and scheduling was ranked as one of the most beneficial programs. » Read article

Focus on the linen, uniform and facility services industry

An industry that has existed for many years, and anyone working in an industrial environment, has been exposed to its service. » Read More...

Servomotors for food and beverage

  [caption id="attachment_1004046143" align="alignleft" width="450"] Photo: Siemens[/caption] Siemens Simotics S-1FS2 line of servomotors, designed for the clean condition requirements of the food and beverage, and other process industries. Offered in power ratings from 0.45–2kW (0.60–2.68 hp) with torque from 3.1–14 Nm (2.28–10.32 ft-lbs.). Housings of 1.4404 (AISI 316/316L) stainless steel, EPDM seals and bearing grease with NSF H1 approval. Added features are high dynamics due to low inherent inertia plus high overload capacity for use in pick-and-place applications, and precise movement of heavy loads. One cable connection is provided. The standard absolute encoder is 22-bit multi-turn. Simotics S-1FS2 motors are ... » Read More...


Capacitance level switches

Endress+Hauser Nivector FTI26 and Liquipoint FTW23 series point level capacitance switches are contact sensors that detect presence by evaluating differences in dielectric values. » Read More...