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A typical lockout tagout program can contain over 80 elements. Don’t know where to start? Create a sustainable program that keeps your workers safe. Learn More

Festo names management board chairman

Thomas Böck, has been appointed as head of the Management Board at Festo, succeeding Oliver Jung, effective Jan 1, 2024.

ANCA expands Canadian presence

ANCA Inc., is expanding its footprint Canada by adding Brady Roarke as applications engineer and technical sales expert, based near Toronto, Ontario.

CanREA launches careers web site

The Canadian Renewable Energy Association launched the Clean Energy Jobs Canada web site (cleanenergyjobs.ca).

Massive potash mine being built in Saskatchewan breaks new ground for women

In July of this year, mining giant BHP announced a company first. BHP said it had achieved its "gender balance'' target for its local workforce in Saskatchewan.

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Panel – How automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing

In the how automation, robotics, and AI are transforming food manufacturing panel, moderator Linda Fox, Regional Innovation Director, CFIN spoke about how Canadian food technology companies are helping manufacturers save time and money, while increasing output. » Read More...

Survey: Unplanned downtime costs businesses nearly quarter million dollars per hour

A survey from ABB has found that 68 per cent of industrial businesses in Canada experience unplanned outages at least once a month. » Read article

Reduction of micro-stoppages

In the Reduction of micro-stoppages session, speaker Mariela Castaño, Senior Vice-President and COO, Kunst Solutions spoke about micro-stoppages in the food industry. » Read article

OPINION: How green are your maintenance operations?

Global warming. Sustainability. Environmentally friendly. Greener. The list of words that speak to the same idea are endless. » Read article

Parallel, angled, and radial grippers

Festo compact grippers include DHPC parallel gripper which offers ≤ 0.01 millimetre repetition accuracy, its variants, DHWC angle and DHRC radial gripper – offer ≤ 0.2 mm accuracy. » Read More...


SSI Interfaces for absolute encoders

POSITAL IXARC magnetic absolute rotary encoders now come with synchronous serial interface (SSI) communications interfaces. » Read More...


Fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor

Danfoss Power Solutions H1F fixed displacement bent axis hydraulic motor is designed for open- and closed-circuit applications. » Read More...