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FEATURED NEWS: Term 'palliative care' misperceived to mean certain death: researchers
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Facts on fascia

Evidence suggests that myofascial release is an effective technique for a number of injuries. However, when it comes to anything fascia-related the professional community is divided with fundamentalist views on both sides. Some therapists approach myofascial release as a panacea, while others regard fascia as ‘dead tissue’ with no clinical significance. >> Read full article

It’s never too late to carve a RMT career path

Perhaps the most dynamic part of our industry is the story of the hands behind it. Individuals are attracted to the profession for radically different reasons and they run the gamut from sudden unemployment to health concerns to unexpected epiphanies. Often, it’s not a direct path after high school. For many, it’s a second or possibly third career choice. This is the story of three women who prove it’s never too late to start a massage therapy practice. >> Read full article

Vitamin D helps lower cancer risk: study

Women with high concentrations of vitamin D have been found to have a much lower chance of developing cancer, according to a recently published study. >> Read full article

Opinion: It’s not about you

Patient-centred care is currently dominating many discussions in the health care community and promises to continue to be a hot topic of conversation moving forward. The increasing demand for a better, more efficient health-care system is pushing the envelope in patient care and, as a consequence, driving health-care professionals toward collaboration. >> Read full article

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 Featured News 
Term 'palliative care' misperceived to mean certain death: researchers

Term 'palliative care' misperceived to mean certain death: researchers

A widespread perception of palliative care as being synonymous with death is preventing many patients from accessing supportive therapies aimed at improving their quality of life, researchers say. In a study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, researchers found that cancer patients referred for early palliative care tended to view the concept as frightening and a sure sign they were dying. >> Learn More…

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May 12, 2016
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Massage Therapy Canada Business Forum 2016

June 5, 2016
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June 9-12, 2016
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