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Alberta announces more detox beds, expanded treatment options for opioid addicts

The Alberta government says it is opening more detox beds and adding new treatment programs to help people addicted to opioids such as fentanyl.

Between office visits

As practitioners, we can provide our patients with tools to foster body awareness, a sense of control over pain and suffering, that can be self-applied at any time of day, and improve pliability of soft-tissues until the day we do get our hands on them again. Patients need a self-applied method that addresses muscular pain and stiffness in between office visits.

Nobility in mobility

All too often joint mobilizations are dismissed as a modality worthy of being merely a footnote. During RMT schooling they are covered in techniques class. However, they are often relegated to the proverbial back pocket – to the therapist’s and patient’s detriment. This should not be the case.
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Postural Assessment

Though postural assessment is a skill required by most therapists and useful for many health and fitness professionals, few resources offer a complete discussion of the topic to support practitioners in the task. Postural Assessment is a guide to determining muscular or fascial imbalance and whether that imbalance contributes to a patient’s or client’s pain or dysfunction.

Information in the text is enhanced with detailed illustrations that offer visual cues to learning postural assessment and identifying anatomical relationships. Line drawings illustrate bony landmarks used in the assessments, and numerous photos show both obvious and subtle postural variations. >> Order Now!
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Hollywood connection: Massage therapy in reel and real life

The portrayal of massage therapists in Hollywood has often been a thorn in the industry’s side. Stereotypes and misconceptions abound. Sometimes, Hollywood gets it right. Although we are infrequently portrayed in dramatic roles, we’ve had some intense debuts. Check out this list and garner a few CEUs by hosting a screening with colleagues. Start your own niche massage movie club and host at your home, clinic or local library. » Read more...

5th International Fascia Research Congress

November 14-15, 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
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