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Provincial governments will bear burden of legalized marijuana

The Trudeau government is set on legalizing marijuana by the summer of next year. While they will enjoy the political payoff of appearing progressive on this matter, all of the associated problems and the logistics of legalizing pot will fall on the shoulders of the provincial governments.

5 ways to boost your confidence

A job interview with a potential employer; a presentation to a group of investors; a first meeting with your soon to be father-in-law: these situations can make even the toughest person weak in the knees. And in every case it's because they lack confidence. For those tough times when you need to come across as more confident, but don't feel it, just follow these five tips.

University of Saskatchewan opens respiratory health research centre

The University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon has a new research centre that specializes in respiratory health. The research centre is housed within the College of Medicine and will pursue joint projects with other disciplines on campus such as pharmacy, nutrition, nursing and public health.
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Living near green spaces may help extend life: study

A new study suggests having daily exposure to trees and other greenery can extend one's life. Dan Crouse of the University of New Brunswick, along with other researchers across Canada and the United States, studied 1.3 million Canadians in 30 cities over an 11-year period. The study used data from the 2001 long-form census and compared it to Canadian mortality database for the next 11 years. » Read more...

5th International Fascia Research Congress

November 14-15, 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
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