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Causes of prescription opioid abuse in adults over 50

The more educated a member of the baby boomer generation, the more likely they are to misuse prescription opioids, according to new research from the University at Buffalo.

Patients replacing and reducing pharmaceuticals with cannabis

In a recent report by Doctor Francis D' Ambrosio, medical marijuana patients most successfully replaced medication with marijuana for a variety of different conditions, including cancer, epilepsy, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Lower back is pain zone number 1

Pain therapy specialists Liebscher & Bracht have released the 2018 Pain Index, revealing trends in the way individuals experience chronic pain based on their gender, age and profession.
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Sports & Exercise Massage: Comprehensive Care in Athletics, Fitness, & Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition

Providing guidelines for applying massage to amateur and professional athletes, Sports & Exercise Massage: Comprehensive Care in Athletics, Fitness, & Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition helps you address the challenges of treating clients involved in sports, physical fitness, rehabilitation, and exercise.
In-depth coverage describes common patterns for sports activities, such as running and throwing, and uses the principles of massage to focus on assessment techniques, indications, contraindications, and outcome goals. This edition includes a new chapter on stretching, hundreds of full-colour photos of techniques, and an Evolve companion website with step-by-step videos demonstrating sports massage applications. >> Order Now!

The new rules of stretching

One of the keys to the success of active isolated stretching lies in the understanding that only relaxed myofascial structures will allow themselves to be fully stretched. This is achieved through the active contraction of an agonist muscle, which sends a neurological signal to the targeted, antagonist muscle to release and lengthen in preparation for movement. This physiological phenomenon is known as reciprocal inhibition. » Learn more

Massage Therapy Expo 2018

April 21-22
Vaughan, Ont.
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