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Physical activity helps fight genetic risk of heart disease

In an observational study of almost a half-million participants, Stanford researchers discovered an association between high fitness levels and low heart disease, even among those at genetic risk.

Pain relief from sea snail venom

Australian scientists say they have edged closer to developing new pain relief medication from sea snails. The news comes as countries search for alternatives to opioids, amid concerns of widespread misuse and a lack of effective treatments for chronic pain.

Standing desks a cause for back pain?

Nearly half of people who use a standing desk are at risk of developing lower back pain, according to a study from the University of Waterloo.
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Postural Correction

Postural Correction presents 30 of the most commonly occurring postural conditions in a comprehensive format, providing hands-on therapists and body workers the knowledge and resources to help clients address their malalignments.

Focusing on treatment rather than assessment, it takes a direct approach and applies specific techniques to improve posture from an anatomical rather than aesthetic perspective. >> Order Now!

RMT's provide quality of life for cancer patients

There is growing body of research on the effectiveness of massage therapy, and other complementary and alternative therapies, to help ease pain, depression, fatigue and other symptoms associated with cancer. It makes one wonder why only a handful of massage therapists find work or choose to work in hospitals or hospices. » Learn more

Massage Therapy Expo 2018

April 21-22
Vaughan, Ont.
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