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High number of concussion-related symptoms in performing arts

A recent study released by the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine shows a stunning number of participants not only experienced concussion-related symptoms and head impacts but also continued performing either without reporting the incident or without receiving the recommended care.

Lingering negative responses to stress linked with health a decade later

People whose negative emotional responses to stress carry over to the following day are more likely to report health problems and physical limitations later in life compared with peers who are able to "let it go," according to findings published in Psychological Science.

Polluted cities linked to Alzheimer’s, suicide risks among young adults

A University of Montana researcher and her collaborators have published a new study that reveals increased risks for Alzheimer's and suicide among children and young adults living in polluted megacities.
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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Fascial Stretch Therapy shows how assessment, treatment and training are used in a variety of common circumstances encountered in manual therapy and athletic training.

This book covers specific examples of how FST integrates with many other methods used in manual therapies, fitness and sport training, rehabilitation and corrective exercise, movement re-education and motor repatterning. >> Order Now!

Preventing brain-drain: Opportunities and challenges for higher education

Donelda Gowan – a doctorally-prepared massage therapist and recipient of the RMTAO’s research award – acknowledges concerns that highly educated RMTs face barriers in sharing knowledge. Gowan is adamant highly educated RMTs must be supported in their efforts to inject the knowledge and perspective they have gained back into the profession – assisting its growth and professional culture. In her RMTAO research award acceptance speech, Gowan emphasizes, “Massage therapy research must be informed by massage therapists.” » Learn more

Massage Therapy Expo 2018

April 21-22
Vaughan, Ont.
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