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Toys motivate children to eat healthy

Food marketers have been harnessing the power of play and fun for decades. These companies use kid-friendly images and toys to make their products more appealing to children. Public health interventions are beginning to adopt these tactics by associating healthy foods with kid-friendly images and objects.

How much exercise is needed to help improve thinking skills?

We know that exercise may help improve thinking skills. But how much exercise? And for how long?

Exploring joint mobilizations in the lower extremity

Used correctly and in the appropriate circumstances, joint mobilizations may be the miracle method of changing the patient’s health status. Key to this is recognizing the indications and following through appropriately.
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Postural Correction

Postural Correction presents 30 of the most commonly occurring postural conditions in a comprehensive format, providing hands-on therapists and body workers the knowledge and resources to help clients address their malalignments.

Focusing on treatment rather than assessment, it takes a direct approach and applies specific techniques to improve posture from an anatomical rather than aesthetic perspective. >> Order Now!

Fighting fraud

When Lisa Blanden got a phone call from the insurance company about a client who was claiming more than $3,000 worth of massage therapy treatments, she checked her records and was flabbergasted. She knew the client was being dishonest. » Learn more