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Accidental falls sending more Canadians to hospital

Unintentional falls are the most common form of injury across the country: every day last year, falls resulted in almost 1,800 reported emergency department visits and 417 hospital admissions.

Young athletes’ ACL injury risk increases with fatigue

Female athletes and those over age 15 were also more likely to demonstrate an increased injury risk.

Expecting a stressful day may lower cognitive abilities

When participants woke up feeling like the day ahead would be stressful, their working memory — which helps people learn and retain information even when they're distracted — was lower later in the day.
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Postural Correction

Postural Correction presents 30 of the most commonly occurring postural conditions in a comprehensive format, providing hands-on therapists and body workers the knowledge and resources to help clients address their malalignments.

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Massage therapists may be particularly vulnerable to allegations

Unfortunate associations linking the profession to the sex trade, human trafficking and criminal activity still exist, affecting the public trust. This makes interactions for massage therapists with the media and police particularly sensitive. Are massage therapists increasingly and disproportionately vulnerable to allegations of sexual misconduct? If so, how can they work to prevent allegations or defend themselves if innocent in this delicate and complex media climate? » Learn more

INCAM Research Symposium

November 9-10
Montreal, Que.
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