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Your office fax machine could be leaving you open to hackers

Check Point, a cyber security firm in Israel, said Sunday that their research discovered security flaws in tens of millions of fax machines.

Structured sports lead to more free play in children

Parents who fear that kids in organized sport spend less time on just-for-fun activities, take heart. A new study found not only do those kids embrace free play, but also they are generally engaged in more physical activity on their own than those who were not in organized sport.

Physical activity makes older adults feel (and act) younger

Could increasing your physical activity or feeling more in control of your life be the secret to staying young? Employing these simple strategies may help older adults feel younger and that, in turn, could help improve their cognitive abilities, longevity and overall quality of life.
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Providing relief for patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia

According to the Mayo Clinic, trigeminal neuralgia is one of the most painful afflictions known to medical practice. Trigeminal neuralgia (TN) is a disorder of the fifth cranial (trigeminal) nerve. Here I'd like to share my experience treating patients with TN. A few simple treatment procedures will be discussed, and I believe they are worth a try for therapists to see if they also have positive effects in treating this nerve pain. » Learn more

INCAM Research Symposium

November 9-10
Montreal, Que.
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