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Secondhand smoke increases risk of children developing arthritis later in life

A new study in the journal Rheumatology indicates that being exposed to secondhand smoke in childhood could increase the risk of someone developing arthritis as an adult.

5 important facts about medicinal cannabis every Canadian should know

Here are some facts about cannabis for medical use, which is generating increasingly widespread health claims, despite what experts call a lack of supportive scientific evidence.

Running does not increase symptom progression for those with knee osteoarthritis

Higher levels of moderate to vigorous physical activity improve all-cause mortality and cardiovascular events. However, the effect of running, a moderate to vigorous activity, in those with knee osteoarthritis is unclear.
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Myriad of health claims suggest cannabis is a panacea for what ails us. But is it?

Google the word ''cannabis'' coupled with just about any disease – arthritis, epilepsy, even cancer – and there are all sorts of health claims made about what some have come to view as a potential wonder drug. But fervour over what cannabis might do has run wildly ahead of what scientific studies have proven it can do, experts say. » Learn more

INCAM Research Symposium

November 9-10
Montreal, Que.
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