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Oct. 2, 2018

Millennials most inclined to share healthcare experiences online

Survey reveals new findings on how patients search and evaluate physicians and share their healthcare experiences online

Gut directly connected to your brain by newly discovered neuron circuit

A new study reveals the gut has a much more direct connection to the brain than previously though, through a neural circuit that allows it to transmit signals in mere seconds.

Offset muscle weakness in a broken arm by exercising the other one

The phenomenon that creates the effect is known as “cross-education,” and has been documented for over a century, but the new study is one of just a handful to measure the effect when the opposite limb is immobilized.
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Medicine Hands: Massage Therapy for People with Cancer

A practical book written for both health professionals and the layperson, this guide deconstructs common myths about the use of massage in cancer treatment.

Reviewing literature that shows cancer to be caused by genetic mutation and the influence of hormones, the opening discussion emphasizes that mechanical action such as massage does not break tumors open or cause them to spread. The book purports that the real medical issues for massage therapists center on ameliorating the discomfort of treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The topics covered include massage in hospitals, in respite care, for the dying, and for exhausted caregivers, with appendices summarizing research on oncology patients and massage. >> Order Today
Massage Practice

How to create an environmentally friendly massage therapy practice

Massage therapists strive to help their clients live healthy lives. So it’s only natural that this concern extends to creating a healthy environment, too. Although massage therapy clinics are not big waste generators, there are still many simple things therapists can do to make their practices more eco-friendly. » Learn more

INCAM Research Symposium

November 9-10
Montreal, Que.
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