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January 8, 2019

Phantom limb pain: Science is getting closer

New studies have revealed that the representation of the missing hand stays in an amputee’s brain map for decades. It is not overtaken by neighbouring body parts, and this persistence is related to phantom limb pain.

Tips for leading self-motivated employees

Intrinsic motivation is regarded as the highest quality form of work motivation because it tends to foster greater workplace wellbeing, proactivity, engagement, and performance. It is also more sustainable because when employees are intrinsically motivated, they are self-motivated. So, how do leaders foster intrinsically motivated employees?
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The Concise Book of Muscles is a quick, information-packed, and user-friendly guide.

The Concise Book of Muscles is a quick, information-packed, and user-friendly guide. Updated with the latest human anatomy and biomechanics research, the third edition of this authoritative, best-selling book offers a comprehensive introduction to emerging explanations of new models of living motion and human architecture.

Detailed, full-colour anatomical drawings and clear, succinct text identify all the major muscles, showing the origin, insertion, action, and innervation of each muscle.

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RMT Tech Talk: Changes coming in 2019 that may affect massage therapists

We have assembled a small collection of the more important recent events of 2018 that may have an impact on your practice in 2019. If your day doesn’t start until you have caught up on recent news that could affect your practice, then let’s get started! » Learn more

Healthy Living Expo

Jan. 19, 2019
Red Deer, Alberta
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Our Health & Wellness Expo

Jan. 27, 2019
Location: Vaughan, Ontario
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Saskatoon Wellness Expo

Feb. 1-3, 2018
Location: Saskatoon
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