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May 14, 2019

Exercise helps prevent cartilage damage caused by arthritis

The researchers show for the first time how mechanical forces experienced by cells in joints during exercise prevent cartilage degradation by suppressing the action of inflammatory molecules which cause osteoarthritis.

Communicating food benefits gets kids to eat healthier

The researchers found affirming statements like 'eat your lentils if you want to grow bigger and run faster' were more effective at getting kids to make healthy food choices than presenting the food repeatedly without conversation.

Heart damage from preterm birth may be corrected with exercise in young adulthood

"Until now we did not know if this was permanent or amenable to improvement," said Professor Anne Monique Nuyt, neonatologist and co-principal investigator. "Now, for the first time, we have shown how to make preterm hearts function as well as their peers. No drugs were required - just a 14-week exercise program."
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Sports Massage

On the field, post-event, or in the clinic, Sports Massage is the essential resource for developing and perfecting your sports massage technique!

Sports Massage provides an in-depth discussion of applications of foundational massage techniques within a sports massage approach. Thorough instructions and over 130 full-color photos demonstrate the correct application of each massage stroke for muscle groups of the neck, shoulder, torso, pelvis, legs, and feet. You’ll also learn how to use advanced working positions in prone, supine, side-lying, and sitting orientations to address each muscle group, helping you achieve a more comfortable and therapeutic session for your client. >> Order now!
Talking to a technician

Can you help me? Key terms for talking with a technician

I’m sure many you have had to make a call to the tech support number of your local ISP, software vendor, cell phone provider or the like, to ask for help with a device setup or application configuration. It is not uncommon to feel like the support person is speaking a foreign language. In today’s connected world, some basic understanding of these terminologies will make life easier for you when you need support. » Learn more

Seeking F/T RMT for new spa

Location: Hamilton, Ont
Joie Day Spa, opening in downtown Hamilton, has an exciting opportunity for Registered Massage Therapists.
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RMT Needed for Integrative Clinic

Location: Toronto
Split percentage or rent is available. All materials, marketing, business cards, EMR account, receptionist, etc. will be provided. Recent grads are welcome and encouraged to apply.
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Looking for energetic RMTs to join our team

Location: Surrey, B.C.
Seeking RMTs to join our team of professionals in our new state-of-the-art clinic. We take wellness to a higher standard and want innovative practitioners to join our team.
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