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November 12, 2019

Help line launched for caregivers in Ontario as survey shows increasing stress

Daylight Saving Time has long-term effects on health

Low-carb diet coaching boosts health for people with diabetes

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Annex Podcast

"On the Table" Podcast Episode 7 is now available

“We connect with our clients physiologically, yet our touch is interpreted psychologically.” Talking Body, Listening Hands: A Guide to the Massage Therapeutic Relationships prompts a discussion of communication and ethical challenges associated with massage therapy practice.

In this podcast we explore professional responsibilities, communication skills, and interpersonal challenges that massage therapists face day to day. How does the Code of Ethics frame Scope of Practice in assisting the practitioner in complicated decision making? How do we build a “working alliance” with clients? What is a “touch-triggered” response? How can we effectively set boundaries?

This and more as we consider all that happens in the therapeutic encounter. >> Listen now

Ten years on: What does the future hold for massage therapy care?

While no one can know for sure what the future holds for the profession, forecasting based on the best available information – and a little intuition – can yield a look-see for what is to come. Forecasting can guide practitioners to fortify against risk, design their practices to remain relevant and identify new opportunities. Forecasting is essential for regulators, professional associations, training colleges and other stakeholders for resource allocation and planning for contingencies in addressing the needs of their members/students. » Learn more
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For the past three decades, Business Mastery has served as a trusted guide for people seeking to live their career dreams. It is specifically designed to support readers on their journey to a fulfilling and financially rewarding career. In the pages of this innovative, time-tested book, readers will find everything needed to launch and effectively manage a thriving practice. It also includes practical tools and tips for how to market one’s skills, work smarter, develop alliances through networking, fine-tune communication skills, and increase profits.

The 5th edition is completely updated and includes new information about the psychological aspects of purchasing, the purchasing cycle, how to effectively build an online presence, and tips on how Internet marketing can boost business growth. >> Order now