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November 19, 2019

Any amount of running linked to significantly lower risk of early death

Substantial improvements in population health/longevity likely if more people took it up, say researchers.

Cancer trends in Canada from 1971 to 2015

The overall rate of new cancer cases is decreasing in men but increasing in women younger than 80 years, and obesity-related cancers are increasing in young people.

“In Nova Scotia, anyone can call themselves an acupuncturist” – CBC News

Some acupuncture practitioners are calling for greater government oversight for their profession, saying the fact it’s not regulated in Nova Scotia is a public safety issue for patients.
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RMT Tech Talk: Ensuring your email marketing efforts are delivered

To maximize your marketing efforts, you need to get your promotional messages seen to successfully attract new patients. Therefore, with email marketing, it’s critical that your messages land in the inbox of the intended recipients, not their spam folder. A successful email campaign is not simply composing an aggressive sales pitch, pressing “send” and waiting for new clients to show up at your door. For best results, there are many factors to consider when dealing with today’s sophisticated spam filtering techniques. In this article we will be exploring some of the best practices that should be used when sending email campaigns to avoid the dreaded spam folder. » Learn more