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Rubbing skin activates itch-relief neural pathway


Why people with knee osteoarthritis experience different kinds of pain


COVID has likely tripled depression rate

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Integrative Pain Management

This book provides an overview of pain mechanisms as currently understood, and details a variety of approaches to pain management used across a wide range of complementary disciplines. A final chapter integrates these body-based and mind-body approaches, and helps the clinician offer the most effective care for the patient.

The first part of the book discusses pain symptoms and the ways in which pain is experienced by individual patients. This section deals with the anatomy and pathology of pain, and describes present views of what causes pain to occur and persist. Integrative care concepts are presented, emphasizing multi-disciplinary approaches to addressing pain. » Order now

Addressing sexual harassment requires institutional commitment, values-driven culture

Sexual harassment is not a new or rare phenomenon in the workplace, but since the #MeToo movement began in late 2017, more victims have come forward to report allegations of harassment at work, including at health care institutions. To demonstrate their commitment and transparency, Mayo Clinic reviewed all sexual harassment complaints and investigations from September 2017 to September 2019 and published the results in a special article in Mayo Clinic Proceedings. » Learn More