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OHS Canada’s Webinar Series and 3M Canada
Fall protection for tools:
Dropped object prevention

Fall protection for tools is not a new concern; it has been an important topic in the industry for some time. However, year after year, dropped objects continue to be one of the largest causes of injury -- and death -- in the workplace. Does your organization have a plan to protect your workforce from falling objects?

We focus on helping minimize the risk of dropped tools and objects to keep everyone safer on the worksite. This webinar will assist you in learning about industry best practices; dropped object prevention planning; and what types of tools and assets can be tethered to reduce the consequence of dropped objects.

Defy gravity and harness safety through 3M science.

As the Canadian leaders in fall protection and personal safety, 3M with DBI-SALA® and Protecta®, help keep everyone safer in a changing world. Across diverse industries and applications, our technology and expertise drive solutions that educate people, provide comfort, increase compliance, and get workers home safely.