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Best Practices in Contractor Qualification and Management

Best Practices in Contractor Qualification and Management

Organizations often approach contractor and supplier management on an ad hoc basis with point solutions. However, without a thorough, cross-enterprise approach to compliance management, these solutions only address specific challenges, such as regulatory mandates and when they arise. They serve to “patch the leaks," but do little to improve and strengthen the supply chain.

Self-employed contract workers are four times more vulnerable to fatalities than their salaried and wage-earning counterparts. In 2017, self-employed contract workers comprised close to one-fifth of all workplace fatalities (1,078). All of this points to the crucial need to take a proactive approach to contractor management.

This webinar will discuss best practices in contractor management, including:

  •  Tips to uncover hidden risk
  •  The return on investment of a streamlined system
  •  Key requirements for success and real-life stories of companies achieving it
  •  How to make the case to upper management

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