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Making the most of COR programming
Achieving CORâ„¢ is an immense feat faced by high-risk industries across Canada. It takes meticulous data collection, and the audit process can be overwhelming.

What about after you've achieved COR?

In this webinar with eCompliance, the #1 safety software solution in North America, we want to outline how to maximize and maintain COR with a safety software solution.

Join us for this webinar with:
  • Cam Mitchell, CRSP, accredited ISHA and COR consultant and safety expert
  • Andrew Hill, safety expert from eCompliance, the #1 safety software solution in North America.
We will discuss:
  • The importance of maintaining COR after you have achieved it
  • How you can ensure you maximize on COR benefits
  • How to maintain COR and its benefits in the long run.