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Keep staff safe – Promote proper hand hygiene in the office
As you begin reopening, Tork is by your side. This includes a new hygiene standard that will be everyone’s responsibility to maintain, but yours to secure. That’s why Tork is here – supporting you in safely serving your customers and diligently protecting your employees.

We’ve created the Tork “Back to Business Toolkit,” which features resources and signage intended to educate your employees and end consumers on safe hygiene practices. The toolkit offers handwashing posters, mirror/wall hangs, dispenser placement recommendations, cleaning checklists and more.

We have also expanded our website to include the latest research and guidance to inform you during reopening. This includes a white paper, as well as educational infographics and videos on the hygiene surrounding paper products like hand towels and napkins.

Visit TorkUSA.com by clicking here for insights, information, downloadable materials, and Tork product recommendations – all to help you Secure the new hygiene standard. With extensive global experience in professional hygiene, we understand that proper hygiene is one of the most vital connections between the well-being of people, businesses and society. We know that one of the most critical elements to achieving this includes providing you with the knowledge, tools, products and solutions to help you feel confident as you operate your business through the challenges brought on by the global pandemic.
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