It’s not too late to get the right winter gear for your team

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Try our best winter work gloves!
With our free trial program, your team can try our gloves and find the perfect fit before you buy! Here are a few options you might like.
Most Dexterous
Winter Glove
Winter Impact-
Most Dexterous Winter Glove Winter Impact-Resistance Multi-Hazard Protection
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Need help finding the right winter gloves?
Our hand safety experts can help you find the best fit for your team. We also offer a free on-site trial program, so your team can test our gloves before you buy.

To speak with a hand safety expert or to start a free glove trial, call us at
Superior Glove Works, 36 Vimy St, Acton, ON L7J 1S1, Canada, 1-800-265-7617