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How to build an effective workplace addiction and mental health policy
There is a common misconception that addiction and mental health disorders are easy to spot in the workplace. In reality, such obvious cases are a rarity. Thoughtful planning and regular reinforcement are needed to create a culture that encourages workplace wellness, self-disclosure, and a lessening of the stigma surrounding mental illness and addiction. Employers who are successful are those who are proactive and knowledgeable. This session will provide individuals and organizations with practical information on comprehensive policy development, the value of referring to high quality treatment, and the importance of return-to-work planning and monitoring.
Speaker: Darrin Taylor
National Director of Business Development,
EHN Canada

Darrin is a Board Certified Interventionist, a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, a Canadian Certified Addiction Counsellor and a graduate of Queen's University. As an experienced addiction professional and clinical interventionist, and former CEO of Axis Intervention Services Ltd., Darrin possesses broad knowledge of the addiction treatment industry and workplace substance abuse policy. EHN Canada was thrilled to welcome Darrin on board as National Director of Business Development in January 2020:
Darrin Taylor
“My relationship with Edgewood goes back to September 2004 when I walked through their doors as a patient. Without recovery, I would not enjoy the precious gifts of a loving family and a richly rewarding career in the addiction treatment field. As an addiction professional, I have had the privilege of working closely with Edgewood since 2009 and watching EHN Canada emerge as the nation’s leading addiction treatment provider. I am beyond excited to join EHN and work alongside the team of dedicated professionals who I’ve humbly watched help and heal so many of my patients and their families over the past decade. The opportunity to serve under highly skilled, ethical, inspiring and creative leadership at EHN made the decision to join Edgewood an easy one for me and my family.”
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