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Enjoy a safer, smarter way of learning

Enjoy a safer, smarter way of learning

Certification training is about more than just compliance - it also makes good business sense. When Joint Health & Safety Committee (JHSC) members are well-trained, they're not only better at identifying hazards and making recommendations for improvements, they're also better health and safety leaders.

The result? Higher productivity, a safer workplace and less potential downtime from illness and injury.

WSPS is one of the leading CPO-Approved Certification providers in Ontario, dedicated to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our Certification training, now available in virtual classroom format, offers an interactive learning experience that shares many of the benefits of our in-person courses, including live instructor-led training, but now participants can safely learn from anywhere that suits their needs! No travel required.

Start your virtual Certification training journey today!

Choose from one of our Certification training for JHSC members, including:

  Certification Part 1
  Certification Part 2
  Certification Refresher Training
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